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In Strict Confidence - Mechanical Symphony (2CD)

In Strict Confidence - Mechanical Symphony (2CD)


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Released on: 13. October 2023

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We’re kicking off the spookiest date of the year with a musical masterpiece! On Friday the 13th of October, we will release a very special collection that showcases our greatest hits in an entirely new light. What’s unique about it? All the songs have been completely reinterpreted in a fascinating orchestral film music soundtrack. They remain unmistakably recognizable, yet have been recreated in a monumental symphony. „Zauberschloss,“ „Seven Lives,“ „Morpheus,“ or „Forbidden Fruit“ are just a few of the classics that have been firmly rooted in the scene and among you, the fans, for years. As a bonus, you’ll find the entire work again on the second CD as an instrumental version, providing another listening pleasure. In total, there are 24 tracks that constitute a musical experience and are a must-have for every fan and lover of gripping music.

Two weeks prior, on September 29th, the first video will be released. It’s a new, impressive version of the „all-time-favorite“ song „Zauberschloss“ cherished by many longtime fans.

Save the dates: Friday, September 29th for „Zauberschloss“ and Friday, October 13th for the epic „Best of“ album! Available as a double-CD, double-vinyl with a gatefold cover,

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Zauberschloss (Mechanical Symphony) --
2 Seven Lives (Mechanical Symphony) --
3 My Despair (Mechanical Symphony) --
4 Snow White (Mechanical Symphony) --
5 Somebody else´s dream (Mechanical Symphony) --
6 Mercy (Mechanical Symphony) --
7 Forbidden Fruit (Mechanical Symphony) --
8 Morpheus (Mechanical Symphony) --
9 Flashover (Mechanical Symphony) --
10 Set Me Free (Mechanical Symphony) --
11 Silver Bullets (Mechanical Symphony) --
12 Ewige Nacht (Mechanical Symphony) --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Zauberschloss (instrumental) --
2 Seven Lives (instrumental) --
3 My Despair (instrumental) --
4 Snow White (instrumental) --
5 Somebody Else's Dream (instrumental) --
6 Mercy (instrumental) --
7 Forbidden Fruit (instrumental) --
8 Morpheus (instrumental) --
9 Flashover (instrumental) --
10 Set Me Free (instrumental) --
11 Silver Bullets (instrumental) --
12 Ewige Nacht (instrumental) --

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