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Stridulum - Paradigm (CD)

Stridulum - Paradigm (CD)


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Released on: 12. January 2024

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Coming in thick 6-panel digipak, including an extensive 16 pages Booklet!

After their successful debut album “Soothing Tales of Escapism”, "Paradigm" is a new chapter in the history of Stridulum that still fits perfectly into the dark wave niche, and yet has a huge radio potential. Insanely catchy, diverse songs make the reception of the album an extraordinary, emotional experience. Layers of synthesizers from Arkadiy's fingers seem to flow between musical conventions, drawing handfuls from many genres. Volodina's vocals, stronger than ever, take the listener to the darkest and most beautiful corners of the soul. "Paradigm" is an album that will leave you with a pleasant feeling of desolation.

Stridulum is a musical project based in Upper Silesia, Southern Poland formed in 2019. The duo, consisting of Marita Volodina (voice/words) and Arkadiy Berg (all instruments), plays dark and cold electronic wave music – melancholic and minimalistic but never monotonous. In contrast to the musical coldness stand the highly emotive and expressive vocals of Volodina, revolving around themes of despair, desire, loss and transformation. In reversing the opposites of minimal music and emotionally multi- layered vocals lies the project’s peculiarity.


No. Track Time
1 Wasteland --
2 Flesh --
3 Refugium --
4 Debris --
5 Astray (feat. Manu / Distance H) --
6 Paradigm (feat. Ausen / CrossRoad) --
7 Flame (feat. Peer Lebrecht / Golden Apes, Voyna) --
8 Sorrow --
9 Eterna --
10 Ephemeral --

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