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Subliminal Code - Karma In Covers (CD)

Subliminal Code - Karma In Covers (CD)


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Released on: 23. September 2016

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ad-89-1-cd - Weight: 90g

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Final part of covers on high-acclaimed album "Karma In Mortem" from Subliminal Code. Unusual sounds, cover disc also includes "Another Day" single.


No. Track Time
1 I Will Resist (Cover By NewtralSide) --
2 Falsas Promesas (Cover By Necroprogenie) --
3 Entregate Al Pecado (Cover By Incore) --
4 In your Eyes (Cover By Grettys) --
5 Another Day (Cover By D65) --
6 Close To Me (Cover By Neobeat) --
7 I Will Resist (Cover By Synthness) --
8 Soldier Of Hell (Cover By Noctambulath) --
9 Dominus (Cover By Xilef Zurk) --
10 Eternity (Die Braut Remix) Bonus Track --
11 Another Day (Piano version) --
12 Another Day (remix and feat. Erick C) --
13 Another Day (Destructed by Detuned Destruction) --
14 Another Day (8bits version) --

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