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Sydney Valette - Other Side / ReRelease (CD)

Sydney Valette - Other Side / ReRelease (CD)


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Released on: 28. March 2024

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Sales rank: 349 [ Peak: 79 ]

Re-release for the FIRST TIME on CD of this amazing SYDNEY VALETTE album, originally released in 2016 on Yuk-Fü Records, and re-released on limited WHITE Vinyl on Icy Cold in September 2022.

‘Other Side’ was the second album by the ever more popular French Cold Wave/Electro project! Through a varied and progressive career spanning several styles of electronic music, Sydney Valette upholds the highest levels of vision and discipline.

His wide-ranging catalog impressive and addictive. His so far latest album ‘Home alone’ is just the latest proof of it! “Other Side“ features such classics as "Please" (later also remixed by Hante.), "What You gonna do", "Prêt-à-mourir" and more!


No. Track Time
1 Other Side --
2 Please --
3 Someone in My Room --
4 Hurt Heart --
5 White City --
6 Run --
7 What You gonna do --
8 Prêt-à-mourir --
9 Mother --
10 Life --
11 So long --
12 Sonata --

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