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Synapsyche - Anti / Limited Edition (2CD)

Synapsyche - Anti / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 19. April 2024

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SYNAPSYCHE's 4th studio album, "Anti," takes you on an intense journey through 12 tracks of melodic dark elektro / industrial pop. This conceptual release delves into the rebellious odyssey of a 21st-century-born Messiah, diverging from the path of Jesus Christ. Each song carries a double meaning, touching on provocative themes such as euthanasia, betrayal, adultery, feminism, love's demise, and occultism à la Lavey/Crowley.

The Italian duo skilfully guides listeners through a blasphemous sonic experience, narrating the unconventional saga of their "Anti"-hero. "Anti" showcases SYNAPSYCHE's mastery, seamlessly blending opposites - distorted darkness with ecstatic grooves, catchy melodies with incisive assaults. With 12 hard-hitting tracks, the album features a vocal guest appearance by AESTHETIC PERFECTION and LORD OF THE LOST on "Silvertongue" and "The Last dying Flame," respectively, both also contributing to this delicious clash of harsh devilish growls with heavenly future pop choruses.

In this magnum opus, SYNAPSYCHE exudes majesty, elegance, and might, mirroring their "Anti-hero". Their sound identity spans dark-electro to synthpop, industrial to EBM, aggrotech to techno, appealing to fans of VNV NATION, COMBICHRIST, SOLAR FAKE, FADERHEAD, GRENDEL, and more.

The limited edition 2CD digipak of the album includes a lush booklet artwork and an exclusive bonus CD, "Apocryphal Psalms," featuring unique versions and remixes by artists such as DARKNESS ON DEMAND, LOVELORN DOLLS, AIBOFORCEN, ACYLUM, MISS SUICIDE, FRAGILE CHILD, ZEITGEIST2511, STATIK SEKT, MATT HART, DILATORY DESTRUCTION...

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Superstition Descending 01:52
2 God In Vitro 04:49
3 Silvertongue [feat. Aesthetic Perfection] 03:43
4 Anti Manifesto 05:03
5 The Icon Of Me 05:15
6 Ladysinner (The Devil Wears Nothing) 03:59
7 Deus Est Machina 04:41
8 Dolorosa 04:28
9 O, Brother! 04:49
10 Shamefully Yours 05:06
11 The Last Dying Flame [feat.Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)] 03:36
12 Psyche Ascending 02:10

Tracklisting CD2: "Apocryphal Psalms"

No. Track Time
1 Silvertongue [Graveless version] 03:42
2 Too Late [The First Dying version] 05:19
3 God In Vitro [MissSuicide remix] 05:19
4 Silvertongue [Gold remix by FragileChild] 06:44
5 The Last Dying Flame [Acylum remix] 03:43
6 God In Vitro [Zeitgeist2511 remix] 04:56
7 Silvertongue [Darkness On Demand remix] 03:34
8 The Last Dying Flame [Lovelorn Dolls remix] 03:23
9 God In Vitro [Statik Sekt remix] 05:22
10 Silvertongue [Matt Hart remix] 03:57
11 The Last Dying Flame [Aiboforcen remix] 04:01
12 Anti Manifesto [Dilatory Destruction remix] 04:58

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