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System Syn - If It Doesn't Break You (CD)

System Syn - If It Doesn\'t Break You (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 19. März 2021

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This follow-up release to 2020's "Once Upon a Second Act" features remixes by some of the top bands in the scene right now, as well as covers of The Strokes' "Someday" and Pulp's "Common People," and the brand new original song, "I Don't Belong Here." The CD insert also features reversible cover art.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 We Had Time (Mercury Lust remix) --
2 Once Upon a Second Act (Aesthetic Perfection remix) --
3 Collapsing (God Module remix) --
4 I Don’t Belong Here --
5 Promise (Sea of Dead Faces remix) --
6 Knives (Imperative Reaction remix) --
7 King of Empty (AL1CE remix feat. Tash Cox) --
8 Someday --
9 The Wreckage (Assemblage 23 remix) --
10 Common People --
11 We Knew You When (Cult of Alia remix) --
12 Nothing’s Wrong (SYSTEM SYN vs. Elias Black) --
13 Weightless (Saucerdrum remix) --

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