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System Syn - Kill The Light (CD)

System Syn - Kill The Light (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 22. September 2023

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“Kill the Light” is SYSTEM SYN’s finest and perhaps most pop-oriented album to date. Expertly mixed and mastered by Ted Phelps (Imperative Reaction), the album takes the listener on an emotionally engaging journey, showcasing Carney’s vocal and lyrical talents like never before. The songs of “Kill the Light” range from haunting and heartbreaking, to heavy-hitting club tracks, yet all retain the sound that is so uniquely SYSTEM SYN. "Kill the Light" also features backing vocals and guitar on selected tracks by SYSTEM SYN live members, Tash Cox and Scott Landes.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Kill the Light --
2 Where Is the Love I Was Promised --
3 Everything Is Different Now --
4 Ashes in the Wind --
5 The Light Was a Lie --
6 Endless --
7 Goodbye Fellow Traveler --
8 We Hold This Time --
9 There Will Be No Sound --
10 The Muse --

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