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SYZYGYX - Im(mortal) (CD)

SYZYGYX - Im(mortal) (CD)


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Released on: 03. December 2021

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Luna Blanc, as the main producer and singer of this project, lives to transcend her emotions through her music. Dark post-apocalyptic soundscapes, fused with retro-punk-biting synth lines and minor scale hooks, fuel the sound of the duo S Y Z Y G Y X.

S Y Z Y G Y X about their eagerly expected, all new album „Im(mortal)“: „You can call this album “Immortal” or “I’m mortal”, the idea of the title (Im)mortal is that both ways apply, there is no right or wrong way. Since I was a kid, I always struggled with the concept of mortality, not as a body, but as a person, as an artist. Once I started studying the lives of long gone artists I realized they were still alive, through their art. I believe art transcends human life. This album touches that, and many emotions that I’ve felt throughout the past year (and really, ever in my human life). This is me, uncensored. Me sad, me happy, me angry, me in love, me losing hope, me gaining hope, the many parts of me, as a human being, as an artist, every part that hopes to live through my art, and past my human body. And per usual, I want you to dance with me, dance until you drop, babes!“


No. Track Time
1 Im(mortal) --
2 Self-Sabotage --
3 Unknown Humanoid --
4 News Flash --
5 Always Talking --
6 Deeper --
7 Te Siento, Tan Dentro --
8 Mother of All (Pain) --
9 Light You On Fire --
10 Body Attack --
11 Your Eyes, They Speak --
12 Old Karambit --
13 Your Loss, Not Mine --
14 Misbehavior --
15 Numb --

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