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We Are Temporary - Crossing Over (CD)

We Are Temporary - Crossing Over (CD)


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Released on: 24. March 2017

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Every moment is precious, every instant unique and, once gone, lost forever. Let’s hold on to them, let’s take what we can get, make a run for it, and collect memories and experiences, whether they be good or bad. Darkwave artist WE ARE TEMPORARY is such a hunter of collective memories. His music delivers the soundtrack of our time, the sound of an elusive world where everything is just rushing by. The future is already the past, and wedged in between is this oddity we call “present”. WE ARE TEMPORARY intuitively understands what the present is, how it sounds; how to capture it and set it to music.

Breaking from the current of contemporary electronic music, New York’s Mark Roberts succeeds in building a contemporary manifesto bundling our desires, doubts, and fears into a magnum opus. „Crossing Over” is a record of the Zeitgeist, as well as of visionary principles—as aware of the past, as it is futuristic. For someone like Roberts, this is obligatory: as an artist he is aware of the fact that every future moment is always already on the cusp of arriving. Fanta rhei—everything flows—and the urban, striking, extravagant, radiant music of WE ARE TEMPORARY is setting the stage for us.

Above everything else, „Crossing Over” evokes a chimaera-like quality that creates a different state of mind, making it one of the most important electronic records in recent years. Born in the feverish underground of New York City—still one of the most creative and vibrant artistic environments—Roberts crafts a unique electronic world. The elegiac profundity of MIND.IN.A.BOX box meets the radical visions of FKA TWIGS in a Brooklyn night club; the vibrant weightlessness of COVENANT unites with the dark shimmer of FEVER RAY; the luxurious beats of SBTRKT brush up against DEPECHE MODE’s mechanistic nonchalance. It's cosmopolitan, global dance music, as gripping as it is deep, as intelligent as it is impulsive, brightly shimmering in the thousand colors of a monochrome rainbow.

WE ARE TEMPORARY doesn't easily fit into the contemporary dance scene. Instead of following trends, Roberts lets the music guide him: obscure, nocturnal, esoteric. Witch house, EDM, trip-hop, chill wave, nu-goth, post-rock and old school electro are being raided by this restless vagabond, only to be assembled into something breathtakingly new and original. Once you have followed WE ARE TEMPORARY down the rabbit hole, you will never emerge the same. „Crossing Over” is a work of art created single-handedly, and thus allowing a rare and intimate glimpse into Roberts' mind and the foundations of his universe. Everything from the initial melodies to the spectacular videos and sound mixing is his work alone. With this album, Roberts has accomplished the task of delivering a ground-breaking release, while revealing the beauty and disappointment of our world. This, indeed, is true art. This is nothing less than a visionary statement, a true watershed moment in the evolution of electronic music.


No. Track Time
1 Appalachian Trail --
2 Who’s Going To Love Me Now? --
3 You Can Now Let Go --
4 Machine Love --
5 Calling Home --
6 Innocence --
7 Remember Our Light --
8 Give Me More --
9 Prism --
10 Let’s Fall Silent --

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