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Then Came The Rain - Ravage (CD)

Then Came The Rain - Ravage (CD)


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Released on: 11. November 2022

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In 6-panel digipak.

Cold Wave solo project, founded in 2017 with as main influences : Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, The Sound, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie & the Banshees, And also the Trees, Asylum Party, ... Then Came The Rain is Nicolas Albin’s solo project. One man with his voice & instruments, writing & performing some alternative postpunk of highest inspiration.

The second album "Ravage" is being released exactly 4 years after the first album titled "Eigengrau". If the sound and tracks of “Eigengrau” were directly inspired by classic Cold-Wave, this new album explores larger facets of the genre. The darkness of contemporary Post Punk still remains, yet the artist chose to open doors and to explore more subtle ground and different atmospheres throughout the album. Songs like “Everything's gone black” and “Shock Doctrine” are marked with an intense use of electronics. “Fishtank” or “Hipparque “will offer a new vision of ambient music tinted with bass and guitar sounds, that are still characteristic of the Post Punk scene. “No Western Skies” will even venture in the wide open atmospheres, but in a very peculiar and dark way.

This album has a stronger and more defined sound than the previous one and tracks such as “Afterworld” or “Convulsions” are the links between the 2 albums.


No. Track Time
1 Ghost Fire --
2 Convulsions --
3 Afterworld --
4 Shock Doctrine --
5 Everything's gone Black --
6 Fishtank --
7 No Western Skies --
8 Shining Darker --
9 Hipparque --
10 Lethe --

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