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Then Comes Silence - II / ReRelease (CD)

Then Comes Silence - II / ReRelease (CD)


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Released on: 19. April 2024

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Second album by Then Comes Silence, originally released in October 2013. This album has been unavailable for ages. Described by the band itself “Horror based music for a Goth and postpunk audience”, the album received extremely good reviews over 10 years ago and today it is regarded as the foundation of the ever increasing popularity of the Swedish act! Highlights among the 10 tracks on “II” are 'Can't hide' and 'Spirits Flow'.


No. Track Time
1 Spirits flow --
2 Can't hide --
3 Whispering about You --
4 Ghost Child --
5 She lies in Wait --
6 New Life --
7 Falling into the Void --
8 Fingers --
9 Mothman --
10 In between Worlds --

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