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They Die - Emptiness Prevails (CD)


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Released on: 29. July 2022

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Synthwave. First print of 500 copies, coming in TWO DIFFERENT artworks, WHITE and BLACK design.

Second album for this Italian act, whose debut ‘Deviant Love’ (Jetglow Recordings, 2021) caused quite a stir in the electro scene, as it was the first new album by a project, that was founded by none less than Giorgio Ricci of TEMPLEBEAT (Dynamica-Machinery, Sub/Mission, 21st Circuitry)!

Unlike the legendary 90s Electro/EBM-act Templebeat, They Die offer a much more ‘gothic’ and darker touch. This Italian trio in fact gravitates around the gothic world, proposing the sounds of the dawn of the genre of the early eighties, revisited in a contemporary key.

THEY DIE are inspired by the atmosphere of the alternative discos of those years, reworked and elaborated in the decadence of our days. THEY DIE obsessively repeat - like a mantra - the duality of love-death, seen and interpreted as the apex of an existence lived in abandonment…The album features 9 original tracks and an outstanding cover-version of BAUHAUS’ ‘The Passion of Lovers’!


No. Track Time
1 Single Frame 04:02
2 One Last Kiss 04:11
3 Absolution 04:39
4 Done Done Done 04:53
5 Black Moon 04:45
6 All Your Magic 04:00
7 Everything That Burns 04:32
8 Emptiness 05:06
9 The Passion of Lovers 04:06
10 Your Hell 05:24

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