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Torul - End Less Dreams (CD)

Torul - End Less Dreams (CD)


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Released on: 17. February 2023

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The album reflects the feelings and frustrations that formed during the corona times, and also in the post-corona time, among the bandmates and especially in the band's leader, Torulsson, who channeled emotion and frustration of life-changing events into his creative process.

The album's title suggests we all should take better care of each other in these crazy times and pay more attention to our loved ones. Even though it's a common saying, we need to be reminded again and again.

Despite some uneasy topics, the album brings positivity through little light rays in the lyrics and the whole sonic experience. After seven studio albums and one unique anniversary album, 'End Less Dreams' is an essential Torul album, with songs arranged in a particular order meant to deliver a complete listening experience with various moods and unique atmosphere to listen in one take. It's a story, a voyage from the beginning to the end.

The album was passed on to various reviewers early on and got some great reviews; each reviewer mentioned a different song as their favorite, indicating something interesting was going on. The band ‘struggles’ to choose singles as it stands behind every song.


No. Track Time
1 The Only Way --
2 Now I Die Inside --
3 Hero Material --
4 Le Replika --
5 Mnenje O Vsem --
6 Flying Apart --
7 Resonate --
8 Willing To Connect --
9 Hello Hello --
10 When I First Saw Her --
11 Next Generation --
12 We Don’t Care --
13 Loneliness 9000 --

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