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Tycho Brahe - Triplex [complete] (CD)

Tycho Brahe - Triplex [complete] (CD)


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Released on: 03. November 2017

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Tycho Brahe is based in subtropical Brisbane, Australia, taking its name from a pivotal but flawed 16th century self taught Danish astronomer. The band operates out of "Tycho Central" - a bunker full of vintage synthesisers, drum machines, and science fiction memorabilia.

The two core members of the band are Ken Evans and Georgina Emery, who initially bonded over a mutual love of The Human League's "Dare" album. The duo subsequently began creating electronic music together in 1993, taking cues from other classic synth acts such as Depeche Mode and New Order. Expanded into a 4 piece band for live shows, Tycho Brahe would go on to become a formidable live synthpop act, often touring within Australia, playing shows with The Human League, VNV Nation, John Foxx, Covenant, Psyche, Real Life and others.

Tycho Brahe's debut album was "Cassiopeia" (2000), followed by "Tasty" (2001), "Atlantic" (2006), and the remix album "Transatlantic" (2007). A succession of singles and EPs were released between albums, with the band receiving radio and internet airplay around the world, and national television exposure in their home country.

The recordings which make up Tycho Brahe's 5th full length album, "Triplex [complete]" (2017), were initially made available across three digital-only self released EPs. The release of "Triplex [complete]" by ScentAir Records sees Tycho Brahe's most accomplished work to date available on CD for the very first time, showcasing the band's unique style of rock-tinged synthpop, and includes three exclusive bonus remixes, not available anywhere else.


No. Track Time
1 Castaway --
2 Loveless --
3 Arizona --
4 Lullaby --
5 Relentless --
6 Metropolis --
7 Toyzilla --
8 1985 --
9 No Love --
10 Valerie Perrine (Miss Teschmacher) --
11 Savage --
12 Another Useless Photograph --
13 Bonus Track: No Love (Where Is The Dub?) --
14 Bonus Track: Valerie Perrine (Hot Tub Dub Machine) --
15 Bonus Track: Lullaby (Reprise) --

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