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Ultra Arcanum - The Silence Inside (CD)

Ultra Arcanum - The Silence Inside (CD)


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Released on: 11/18/2016

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ULTRA ARCANUM was formed in November 2013 by Konstandinos Dorlis (keyboards) and Mark Thirkell (vocals). Proof that music transcends physical boundaries - Mark is from the UK and Konstandinos being from Greece, their debut LP “The Silence Inside” is a testament to their passion for stylish synth driven music underscored by shades of melancholia as well as moments of euphoria. Heavily influenced by Duran Duran, Joy Division, John Foxx and Visage, ULTRA ARCANUM takes you back on a stroll down memory lane to revisit the golden era of the New Romantic Movement. Gems such as the title track “The Silence Inside”, “Twilight Shades”, “Strange Kinda Love”, “Daydreamer” or “A Final Loss” will make you yearn for 80s music! The CD edition features a bonus track, “Dreamscape”, and 4 breathtaking remixes by 23rd Underpass, Techniques Berlin, Epic Dreams and The Silicon Scientist.

CD features: limited edition of 200 copies, 6pp Ekopack incl. lyrics, featuring remixes by 23rd Underpass, Epic Dreams, Techniques Berlin, The Silicon Scientist,and bonus track


No. Track Time
1 Twilight Shades 04:29
2 The Silence Inside 05:15
3 Strange Kinda Love 03:18
4 Another Time, Another Place 05:27
5 Two Hours Before Neptune 03:19
6 A Final Loss 05:45
7 Daydreamer 04:58
8 Moment In Time 04:26
9 Epilogue 03:31
10 Photophobia 03:39
11 Dreamscape 04:37
12 Twilight Shades 06:32
13 A Final Loss 07:29
14 Strange Kinda Love 07:55
15 The Silence Inside 05:31

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