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Unwished - Antichthon (CD)

Unwished - Antichthon (CD)


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Released on: 15. December 2023

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A new milestone in modern gothic rock written by poly-stumentist Babis Nikou (Opened Paradise, Angel's Arcana, Hada) and vocalist Nino Sable (Aeon Sable). “Antichthon” is the debut by this amazing new project!

The paths of these two musicians crossed serendipitously in June 2022 in Athens, where they spontaneously recorded their first collaboration, a song titled "Anthichthon", in Babis' home studio. This initial piece became the seed for the idea of creating a full album together.

Despite the geographical distance and the challenges posed by the pandemic, Babis and Nino persevered. With the aid of the internet, they spent over a year exchanging music tracks and creative ideas, conceptualizing their debut album, "Antichthon" (Counterearth), over the cloud. This virtual collaboration allowed them to seamlessly share their ideas and coalesce their vision, even while physically separated.

Both gentlemen have been more or less familiar faces in the gothic scene for years. Through their respective musical projects, they have demonstrated their unique artistic visions and an affinity for atmospheric and dark sounds.

With Unwished, they have discovered a new facet of their creativity, offering listeners a refreshing combination of innovation, emotional depth, and a dark aesthetic.


No. Track Time
1 It Depends --
2 Shadow Dance --
3 Key To My Heart --
4 Deep --
5 Between Your Eyes --
6 Tropic Of Despair --
7 Nightmares And Dreams --
8 Antichthon --
9 Tetragammaton Vitae --
10 Necrone --

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