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Various Artists - Forms of Hands 18 / Limited Edition (CD)

Various Artists - Forms of Hands 18 / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 18. May 2018

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A singular phenomenon in the electronic underground, a red-letter day (or rather two of them) for the family, time to take stock and peek into the future: FORMS OF HANDS goes into its 18th edition, and as it is tradition, accompanied by a festival CD with all 14 stage acts in chronological order, presenting exclusive tracks only. An astonishing diversity, and at the same time a manifesto of the shared mind set of 14 remarkable artists!

The outline is obvious - electronic and sophisticated in production, unconventional and distinct in style: HANDS says noise, sometimes even screams it – and it’s up to MASCHINENKRIEGER KR52 VS . DISRAPTOR and DIRTY K to take that to extremes. CACOPHONEUSES operate in the no-mans-land of rhythm noise and techno, the latter featuring more prominently in the tracks of CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, MONOLITH and ONTAL.

FORMS OF HANDS compilations are also an opportunity to present artist’s who haven’t released an album recently, like the uniquely atmospheric HYDRONE and label veteran SHORAI with their indescribable electro noise. Indulge in the atmospheric techno of PHASENMENSCH + ICD10 and the warm electro shuffle of BLAC KOLOR and NULLVEKTOR, twitch to the amens and breaks of END.USER and the brittle IDM of SYLVGHEIST MAËLSTRÖM– and fade out with the exciting glow of AH CAMA SOTZ and his flamboyant ethnic, tribal piece. FORMS OF HANDS has a simple goal which is so hard to achieve: Generate excitement and bring people together - And this is perfectly mirrored in this selection.


No. Track Time
1 Dirty K . Forever Fading (End) --
2 Phasenmensch+ICD-10 . Infected Times --
3 Cervello Electronico. Something Rash --
4 Blac Kolor . Nucleus --
5 Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor . Seuranta --
6 End.user . Rust Garden Part 1 --
7 Monolith . Manifesto --
8 hyDrone . Repetitive Non-existence --
9 Cacophoneuses . Witches --
10 Sylvgheist Maëlström . C.M.R. (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) --
11 Shorai . Maquinaria Pesada --
12 Ontal . Linear --
13 Nullvektor . Unruhe im Bezirk --
14 Ah Cama-Sotz . La Sopa Del Dia --

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