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Various Artists - Kosmoloko 2 (CD)

Various Artists - Kosmoloko 2 (CD)


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Released on: 24. August 2012

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Galakthorrö029 - Weight: 105g

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CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet

Kosmoloko 2 appears now as the the second Label-Sampler from Galakthorrö, following Kosmoloko from the year 2004. The term “Label-Sampler” means that only performances by Galakthorrö artists are presented. All the included material is exclusive, having been created by the artists especially for Kosmoloko 2. No title has ever appeared before in any shape or form. This collection therefore contains no rehashing or previous left-overs. Kosmoloko samplers do not contain B-grade material. Kosmoloko is, so to speak, the opposite of the usual run-of-the-mill sampler concept, proving itself to be a mini-tour through the current Galakthorrö programme. Each of the artists is trying to garner interest, and to win new listeners for themselves, thus improving quality at all levels. Haus Arafna, Hermann Kopp, Herz Jühning, November Növelet, and Subliminal, contribute two titles each. Will they win themselves new afficionados?


No. Track Time
1 November Növelet - The Darkness Of My Mind 04:49
2 November Növelet - Changing Mind 04:11
3 Subliminal - Embrace 03:47
4 Subliminal - For Your Eyes Only 04:20
5 Herz Jühning - Son Of Earth 03:27
6 Herz Jühning - Der Elektrische Horror 03:19
7 Hermann Kopp - Putrefaction 04:00
8 Hermann Kopp - Vessels 04:15
9 Haus Arafna - Lying In State 04:59
10 Haus Arafna - Your Hero 04:00

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