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Varsovie - L'Ombre et la Nuit (CD)

Varsovie - L\'Ombre et la Nuit (CD)


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Released on: 06/04/2021

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Varsovie’s 4th studio-album! In 6-panel Digipak and 8 pages booklet inside!

Between post-punk and dark-rock, Varsovie was created in 2005 in Grenoble (France) by Arnault Destal (drums, lyrics, music) and Grégory Catherina (vocals, guitars, music). Since 2005, the band has released 4 albums + 1 EP and played live several times all over Europe. "L'Ombre et la Nuit" (Eng.: the Shadow & the Night) is certainly the darkest album of the band so far.

Still with French lyrics and on a tight, nervous, melancholic line, the 10 new songs continue to reformulate the vertigos of our time through emblematic figures, crepuscular atmospheres and intimate crisis. Salient sceneries, disagreements on the subject of stars and thoughts about a disappearance, clandestine process to circumvent the censorship, obsessions for a fantasized golden age, hauntings and night visions, questions around Evelyn McHale, harmful passions, dance and wandering in the shadow of the expressionist poet Francis Giauque…


No. Track Time
1 Sur La Nature Du Vide 04:46
2 Magnitizdat 03:40
3 Kissa Kouprine 04:52
4 Cas Contact 03:18
5 Evelyn McHale 05:47
6 Ne Plus Attendre 04:26
7 L'Ombre Et La Nuit 04:21
8 Série Noire 03:26
9 Spectres 02:10
10 L'Offensive 04:11

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