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Venal Flesh - Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice (CD)

Venal Flesh - Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice (CD)


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Released on: 18. March 2016

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With the release last April 2015 of the EP “Sacrament to the Scalpel”, Washington DC act VENAL FLESH definitely triggered huge expectations in the hungry dark elektro scene. Dan Barrett (aka rhythmic noise act WORMS OF THE EARTH) and DJ/model VanityKills together craft music for people looking for an evolution of the heaviness of classic terror EBM, enhanced with complex structures and deep themes.

Their debut will not deceive you. Musically, VENAL FLESH strive to further what we could describe as the “classic” dark elektro sound inspired by bands such as SKINNY PUPPY, ASLAN FACTION, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, UNTER NULL, VELVET ACID CHRIST, YELWORC or yet SUICIDE COMMANDO. While focusing on hammering dark terror EBM sequences, the duo also manages to insufflate a dense, heavy and somewhat melancholic atmosphere in their work which somehow shapes and characterizes the VENAL FLESH trademark sound. Their heavy crunchy beats and distorted vocals battle against unsettling haunting ambiance and complex multi-layered melodies, the whole reinforced by the mastering skills of label-mate studio guru Sebastian R. Komor.

This full length album aims to truly begin to delve into the mythos of VENAL FLESH’s concept, exploring the juxtaposition of desire for physical beauty with fanatical religious devotion. The duo explores here the abyssal torments of imperfection and the struggle to attain transcendence and perfection via self-mutilation, plastic surgery, advanced medicine and more. All of this done with darkened, haunting overtones and sacred/arcane influence supported by a strong inspiring visual concept and artistic design… VENAL FLESH stands out and brings substance back to the harsh elektro genre, and brings it all its meaning and excitement...


No. Track Time
1 Cortege of Impure Flesh --
2 Grotesque (Self-Portrait) --
3 Emulgent Disfigurement --
4 Needles --
5 Apostate --
6 Servant Of The Scalpel --
7 Curette --
8 A Fire Infolding Itself --
9 Perdition (feat. Lexincrypt) --
10 The Black Prism --
11 Incurable --

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