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Vidéo L'Eclipse - Begin - Repress - Depart (CD)


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Released on: 05. April 2024

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Vidéo L’Eclipse is a synthpop duo from Sweden, consisting of Jonas Peterson (Vocals) and Robert Tingelöf (Synths). The band debuted in 2019 with the single Luna, and the first album Predicts was released in 2021 to excellents reviews (8/10 in Release Magazine and 7/10 from Side-Line Magazine!) Predicts also featured as the 4th best synthpop album of 2021 by Synthpop Fanatic. Vidéo L'Eclipse delivers elegant melodic electro-pop with electronic beats, big sweeps, and with Jonas's voice front and center.

Quick words about the new album: We had an early vision that this album would be more "electro-pop" than Predicts. Yet we wanted to stick to our core, with Jonas's voice in the center, backed up by pulsating bass beats, sweeping synths and sparkling arpeggios. The main theme of the album is our view on the current state of the world. The songs deal with topics such as ignorance, faith and beliefs, mental illness and loss.


No. Track Time
1 Let it Begin (feat. E:lect) 04:28
2 Signals 04:27
3 Look Up 04:10
4 Almost There 05:22
5 Go Blind 04:03
6 Repressed Dreams 04:14
7 Frozen Solid 06:02
8 Lost in Lines 04:28
9 Another Day 03:57

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