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Vigilante - The New Resistance (CD)

Vigilante - The New Resistance (CD)


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Released on: 25. March 2011

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The South American artist VIGILANTE wants to break the chains of an unfair system. According to himself, this is his best record so far in a short but intense career. He describes it as "the soundtrack for a new revolution" provocatively naming it "The New Resistance". By skillfully mixing elements of Electro, EBM and Metal, he created a hybrid, powerful and passionate sound.

Ivan Muñoz joined a group of musical underground heroes including members of Clawfinger, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, Leaether Strip, Die Krupps, Birmingham 6, Feindflug and many more. They form an alliance which confronts the minds of those who believe that they own the world and that the flame of revolution has been extinguished.This revolutionary musical manifesto demonstrates that there are still dreams to fight for, truths to be told and ideals to die for. Join The New Resistance!


No. Track Time
1 Intro --
2 The New Order (Featuring Hanin Elias ex-Atari Teenage Riot) --
3 Prison Break (Featuring Claus Larsen from Leaether Strip) --
4 Second Chances (Featuring Claus Albers from Tyske Ludder) --
5 The New Resistance (Featuring Jurgen Engler from Die Krupps) --
6 Our Jihad (Featuring Zero Kelvin from Feindflug) --
7 Native Blood (Featuring Guido Henning from E-Craft) --
8 The New World (Featuring Jens Kästel from Funker Vogt) --
9 Country (Featuring Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad) --
10 Army Of Time (Featuring Victor Love from Dope Stars Inc.) --
11 . The New Revolution (Featuring Rexx from FCFG820) --
12 The Trap - The New Order 2.0 (Featuring Michael Hillarup from Birmingham 6) --
13 Gone - Army of Time 2.0 (Featuring Baard Torstensen from Clawfinger + DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy) --
14 The New Order - Feindflug Remix --
15 The New Order - Soman Remix --
16 Prison Break - FGFC820 Remix --
17 The New World - V2A Remix --

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