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Vision Video - Inked In Red (CD)

Vision Video - Inked In Red (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 04. Juni 2021

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Fronted by an Afghanistan war veteran, Athens/Georgia (USA) based goths offer a take on the genre that’s both strikingly melodic and informed by the horrors of lived experience.

In its darkest form, post-punk is an atrocity exhibition, drawing on horrors both real and imagined to hold up a mirror to humankind’s worst tendencies. On their debut album, Inked in Red, the ultra-goth outfit Vision Video honor this tradition by closing with a cover of “Agent Orange,” a grim, Vietnam War-inspired song released in 1980 by the brooding Brixton dub-punk outfit Ski Patrol. Vision Video’s take is largely reverential, right down to the near-identical running times, but with one crucial difference. Ski Patrol singer Ian Lowery sings about being burned alive on the battlefield with an icy detachment that gradually thaws into hot-blooded panic, but Vision Video frontman Dusty Gannon sounds unsettled from the jump. In fact, for Gannon, singing from the perspective of a besieged soldier isn’t mere cosplay.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 In My Side 03:46
2 Comfort In The Grave 03:08
3 Inked In Red 03:09
4 Static Drone 03:22
5 Siren's Song 03:22
6 Organized Murder 04:07
7 Broken Fingers 04:48
8 Run 03:32
9 Kandahar 03:35
10 Agent Orange 04:27

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