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Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories (CD)

Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories (CD)


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Released on: 18. September 2015

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In 2014, Vogon Poetry released the very well received debut album “Don’t Panic” including true synthpop gems like The Diceman, A Fine Day and Time Machine. The band has since then worked on new material and the single/EP Never Too Late was released on Scent-Air records on the 24th of july.

On The Prefect Stories, Vogon Poetry takes on a somewhat darker and dirtier approach. The album is best described as a marriage between bands such as IAMX, Depeche Mode and more electronic sounding acts such as Yazoo and Swedish Elegant Machinery and SMPJ, although with the distinct Vogon Poetry sounds and lyrics always present.

The Prefect Stories consists of 9 tracks that spans a wide spectre within the electro pop genre, such as sci-fi themed electropop hit “Hyperspace Bypass”, the more sombre Never Too Late and synthpop gem Moments. The album delivers both dark and gloomy tracks such as “The great big nothing” and energetic up beat tunes such as “Afraid”.

Catchy melodies and clever lyrics combined with the voice of John sets the Vogon Poetry atmosphere and makes for a moment of pure electro pop pleasure.

Vogon Poetry is stationed in Gothenburg, Sweden and consists of the three members: Roger Tell, Daniel Onnerby and John Andersson.


No. Track Time
1 Ready Player One --
2 Never Too Late --
3 Spit It Out --
4 Possibilities (Bistromath Remix) --
5 Moments --
6 Hyper Space Bypass --
7 The Great Big Nothing --
8 Afraid --
9 Virtues --

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