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Vosh - Vessel (CD)

Vosh - Vessel (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 01. März 2024

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8016670163190 - Gewicht: 70g

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Digipak, Genre: Post-punk / Electro

After 2 fast selling out Vinyl Editions, a CD and a Tape-Version [all released on the American ‘Damaged City Vault’ label], here comes finally a European edition of the debut-album by the acclaimed American Post-Punk act!

Vessel is a compact, powerful mix of fx-drumming, synths and driven guitars carving 12 flawless episodes around charismatic lead singer Josephine Olivia's voice. VOSH are a US band based in the Washington/DC-area that formed on October 26th of 2022.

It was born on the ashes of a previous project, called “Aertex”, that released just one tape before. After various member changes and the decision, to head in a slightly different musical direction, the choice was made to end Aertex and the members continued on and formed Vosh.

“A group that has been making the rounds for some years to become a shimmering beacon of progression for the post-industrial darkwave scene. Throughout “Vessel”, astute listeners will likely hear traces of the goth/industrial classics like Switchblade Symphony or Miranda Sex Garden! VOSH has the chops to elevate the current nostalgic waves of the genre into a new and exciting direction!” (


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Honey Moon --
2 Pray --
3 Bleed as One --
4 Superstition --
5 Perfection --
6 Devout --
7 Cruel Intent --
8 2F8CD --
9 Falling --
10 The Static --
11 Night --
12 Numb --

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