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W424 - Carnal (CD)

W424 - Carnal (CD)


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Released on: 14. April 2023

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This solo act is one of the four artistic conjugations of the multifaceted Finnish musician Lasse Alander ( most notably as one half of Cardinal Noire and as a contributor to Protectorate and Tyhjä ). The album "Carnal" represents the official and definitive launch of W424, whose inventiveness has created an album whose main reference is a particular electro-industrial experimentation that leaves you amazed by its intensity and ability to involve. Lasse's technological elaborations cyclically overheat and cool the sound material in the dark, shaping it a solid form suspended between reality and an incubotic dimension.

The seven songs of the tracklist spread claustrophobic, disturbing industrial electro atmospheres, in which one perceives an aggressiveness ready to strike ruthlessly and an overwhelming sense of inquitude. The sonic scheme of the full lenght is a murky, alienating set of distortions and saturations of synths that rise in space like clouds charged of caustic effervescences, within which poisonous vocalizations, abysmal reverberations and electric guitar riffs face each other, all this punctuated by an exasperatingly slow and discontinuous drumming. W424 imprints torment and annihilation on the music, dragging the listener into a horrific tunnel from which he will come out with the desire to re-enter it, longing to see again that liberating glimpse of light at the end of the path. All of this is extraordinary, perverse and "Carnal".


No. Track Time
1 Lost 04:20
2 Something Violent 04:38
3 Touch Of Heaven 04:22
4 Ambersands 06:16
5 Hellmouth 04:50
6 Almost Future 04:41
7 Carnal 11:08

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