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The Walking Icon - Galaxy Of Youth / Limited Edition (CD-R)

The Walking Icon - Galaxy Of Youth / Limited Edition (CD-R)


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Released on: 19. April 2019

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Only 100 copies CD-R

Thewalkingicon project was formed in early 2018 by Sasha Rempel, the singer for Kaliningrad break-beat act INSPIRA and Dmitry Osipov, the member and founder of famous Moscow alternative and industrial 90-s pioneers Crocodile T.X. and Thaivox, who made big noise that times with the shows with The Prodigy, The Young Gods and Clawfinger and the NewBodyForms album wich was highly rotated by big radiostations wat was very unusual for this kind of music in Russia that time. For Osipov thewalkingicon was the return for his favoirite “bedroom production” format, wich also made a start for Thaivox in 1997. The decades of musical experience plus the vox and stage charisma finally transformed into highly lyrical material, very surprising especially after looking at what Sasha makes in INSPIRA and what Dmitry plays as a member of Moscow heavy hardcore long-livers Fallen Angels Crew. So due to a wide musical preferences of the members of thewalkingicon its hard to classify properly the exact genre of the band but this is not the matter for them at all.

The debut album of Moscow-Kaliningrad duo thewalkingicon formed in early 2018 by the voice of INSPIRA project Sasha Rempel and Dmitry Osipov, the member and founder of Moscow 90-s heavy industrial acts Thaivox and Crocodile T.X.. 9 pieces of higly lyrical material somewhere between Dreampop and Synthpop, interesting collaborations with friendly musicians such as the highly creative vocalist and the mastermind of experimental acts like Won James Won and Goon Gun Tikhon Kubov and multigenre remixes from Sgt. Penarlaster (who also is the soundproducer of the album) and WOMBA.


No. Track Time
1 Iuventa --
2 Storm in my Head --
3 The Incoming --
4 Dead Heart --
5 Flare --
6 The Sacred song --
7 Unicorn --
8 The Trick --
9 Galaxy of You --
10 Dead Heart Hard (Funeral Smokin' Mix by Sgt. Penarlaster) --
11 Unicorn (Self-Consuming Tape-Rot Resonator Remix by WOMBA) --

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