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Wavefall - Huge Frustration (CD)

Wavefall - Huge Frustration (CD)

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Released on: 16. October 2006

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Discovery of Moscow industrial scene in 2006. Innumerable quantity of parallels of different in sounding and style associations of electronic scene past and present from Cat Rapes Dog period of their better days in the beginning- middle of the 90th to classicality Flesh Field and energy charge of the contemporary Funker Vogt and Hocico.

But, Wavefall and in this case remains itself, personifying the new generation of Russian electronic scene, that generation, which hacks to itself road in the world industrial music by the coupled sounding of electric saws and organic synthetics. It goes without saying, after this album for the band it is necessary to constantly support the high quality of this album with their following releases. The passed concert appearances in several cities of Russia focused on themselves attention by the stage image of group, which skillfully combines gloomy colors with the industrial of dancing direction. Their own style distinguishes the band from the mass of other cloned groups. The audio and visual alloy of the material - one additional reason to have a closer look up the group and their live concerts. Briefly, if you would like to know what the modern danceable russian industrial means - buy a one-way ticket and Welcome to the world after Wavefall! No return.


No. Track Time
1 On My Knees --
2 Eclipse (Brute version) --
3 Dedication --
4 Love Consumer --
5 LoneLiness --
6 New Form --
7 Devil's Clones --
8 To You... --
9 Damnation --
10 The Shadow --
11 Angels In The Dust --
12 Signs --
13 Act --

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