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Wesenberg - Counterclockwise (CD)

Wesenberg - Counterclockwise (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 13. August 2021

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auphcd036 - Gewicht: 100g

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With “Counterclockwise”, Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg returns for his 2nd album release under the Wesenberg moniker to audiophob. While both releases revolve around the pervasive presence of the past, the new works don't just reference memorable locations as “Third Places” (auphcd028) did.

Instead, the 13 tracks evolve around the idea, that every experience from the past reflects and modulates the present as well as the future. Over the years, ones luggage fills up with (musical) clichés and here Wesenberg opened up to this experiences and allowed them to manifest themselves into new tracks. For Wesenberg, this turned into a kind of “deepness” never experienced before and the feeling to finally understand his own taste in music.

Another important aspect of “Counterclockwise” is well summarized in the opener “The Seed And The Soil”: organic growth, randomness and aesthetics were welcomed in the creative process, relying upon the belief that this chaotic flow state will find its own beauty, like a massive tree growing from a tiny seed, facing the power of the elements. On some of the tracks, the seeds were provided by guest musicians, in particular Yuma Hampejs, Eli van Vegas, Sola Plexus, Stolzenfelz and Liss Eulenherz, which for themselves were able to influence the overall feeling of the album.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Seed And The Soil (+ Yuma Hampejs) --
2 Digging In Clouds --
3 Salz (+ Eli van Vegas) --
4 Earthbound --
5 Ashes (+ Sola Plexus) --
6 Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear (+ Stolzenfelz) --
7 Fan Fiction --
8 Saliva Exchange – Felt Like A Kiss --
9 Counterclockwise --
10 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough --
11 Squint In The Pale Autumn Moon --
12 Glittering Pearls On A String --
13 Exhaustion And Withdrawl (+ Liss Eulenherz) --

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