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Wieloryb - Semantik (CD)

Wieloryb - Semantik (CD)


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Released on: 03. June 2016

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With their fourth album in only five years Wieloryb is surely a quite productive artist. And like before, “Semantik” stays true to the act’s core quality (i.e. hard rhythmic crunch), yet providing a very unique sound with a new album. In this case it’s a considerably slower, + hypnotic industrial groove, leaving room for a tense atmosphere. Skillfully combining listening and physical appeal, Wieloryb’s new album works semantically correct at home and in the club alike!

“Semantik” makes perfect sense in the sequence of Wieloryb’s albums, taking up the evolution of its 2014 predecessor “Root” towards a more atmospheric and diverse interpretation of the rhythm noise genre. This time around they shun the industrial hardcore sound altogether and operate around and below the 130 bpm mark, while adding a tribal, sensual grit to their tracks.

Flawless and homogenous, the 14 tracks, 74 minutes of “Semantik” remain tempting from start to end, pleasing the old school industrial ear as well as the classic rhythm noise punters Or those who appreciate the new school of dub tech bassline. The semantics of this album are easily deciphered – enjoy!


No. Track Time
1 Semantik --
2 Statistik --
3 Solar Sides --
4 Crash Report (Dance Mix) --
5 Behi Jessir (44 Second Long Remix) --
6 Sensis --
7 Umbro --
8 Symbiotik --
9 Symantik --
10 Mona Liza 3.0 --
11 Organ --
12 Syntetik --
13 Seretik --
14 Newo (Wieloryb vs. Selektronik) --

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