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Your Enemy - Broken Toys (CD)

Your Enemy - Broken Toys (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 26. Januar 2024

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EBM / Industrial / Darkwave. Coming in 6-panel Digipak

Your Enemy is a Swedish duo that was created by Carl Nilsson (Lucifer’s Aid) and femme fatale Viva Petersdotter, who had a desire to combine both of their creative energies. They write their music without any compromises. The debut digital single 'Broken Toys' was a great success and their follow up single 'I am the Surprise' was very well received by their fans, too.

Your Enemy is a mixture of dark wave, EBM and industrial. Their debut album leads you to the darker parts of these genres and holds production in worldclass. With their hard hitting beats and brutal bass lines, Your Enemy has taken the electro scene by storm. They have an infectious and unique sound that will make you instantly recognize their music. Viva’s haunted whispering voice that is merged with Carl’s captivating drum beats and bass lines are the foundation of their music. To describe their music best, Your Enemy is like a sexy slap in your face.

The album contains ten tracks of wide variety with a very personal sound. It’s an album where almost every track has single potential. Viva's personal and very unique voice creates a hypnotic sound that no other band achieved and will make you want more of Your Enemy!

A must for fans of danceable EBM/Industrial. 2024 starts of with a bang!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Breathe --
2 I am the Surprise --
3 My Passion --
4 It's gone --
5 Bad Things --
6 Broken Toys --
7 Deep Fear --
8 Ohm --
9 Taming the Tigress --
10 Dead Dolls --

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