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Zanias - Ecdysis (CD)

Zanias - Ecdysis (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 16. Februar 2024

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F//030CD - Gewicht: 70g

Verkaufsrang: 127 [ Höchste Platzierung: 127 ]

In the follow-up to 2023’s ‘Chrysalis’, Zanias returns with ‘Ecdysis’, which travels even further into alternate dimensions, casting off all language and song structures in favour of something far more alien and sensual.

Named after the final stage of emergence from a former self, ‘Ecdysis’ lays claim to an entirely new electronic soundscape influenced by the ethereal pioneering of Dead Can Dance, Enya and Fever Ray. Zanias’s voice morphs deftly between species and gender, exemplifying the oneness of conscious experience evoked by the more extreme psychedelic states, while the atmosphere is headily influenced by the Queensland rainforest where much of the recording took place, conjuring an environment rich with biodiversity. The creation of the album itself became a deeply healing process for its producer, and it is designed to function the same way for its listeners. Best enjoyed on headphones in total darkness.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Earthborn 04:09
2 Mara 04:22
3 Duneskipper 05:04
4 Acacia 05:31
5 Bloodwood 03:48
6 Habenula 03:54
7 Swim 04:58
8 Ecdysis 04:52

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