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Zweite Jugend - Der Wille zur Nacht (CD)

Zweite Jugend - Der Wille zur Nacht (CD)


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Released on: 20. October 2023

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Life and death, creation and decay, pleasure and pain - these are the primal forces that Nietzsche described in his concept of the will to power. But what if this actually represents an imbalance? What if the passing away of things causes the emergence of new things? Where is the beginning and where is the end? Do these even exist? If not, then why assume an all-creating Big Bang? Are we just part of a bigger whole? Or even characters in a simulation?

In the third work of their album trilogy, Marcel and Eli get to the bottom of these questions in terms of text and sound, and in doing so put forward the thesis that downfall is at the center of all human action. It is the instinct of self-preservation in person. We all know the metaphor that great things emerge from ashes, or the so-called “scorched earth”. However, such an assumed cycle may seem void anyway if you look around on a universal and astrological level. Zweite Jugend understand how to transfer these heavy topics to the personal level and even to make them appear emotional. After all, we are all sentient beings.

In October 2023, the „Der Wille zur Nacht“ pushes in and brings light and shadow into the world, which increasingly threatens to break up. It is the ultimate creative force. It breaks the world up and ceaselessly improves it.


No. Track Time
1 Herbstsonate --
2 Absoluter Nullpunkt --
3 Reminiszenz --
4 Der Wille zur Nacht --
5 Einer muss gehen --
6 Mittelgrau --
7 Liebe für alle (feat. Martin Bodewell) --
8 Das Totem --
9 Lichtspielhaus --
10 Rendezvous --
11 Morgen geht die Sonne auf --
12 Ad Astra --

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