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Minerve - Repleased / Limited 1st edition (2CD)

Minerve - Repleased / Limited 1st edition (2CD)


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Released on: 09/30/2011

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Remix album with bonus disc

One Year after their success album "Please" and three digital singles MINERVE will release a special remix album "Repleased" on which all songs from the original album were remixed by different artists, e.g. !distain, Destroid, Midnight Resistance, Haujobb, Liquid Divine, Celluloide, Stum, Lakeside X, Exes, People Theatre and Mechanical Apfelsine.

As a special exclusive track the album will feature the EURYTHMICS classic "Here Comes The Rain" plus a second limited Bonus CD containing all tracks from the previous singles, which were only available for download til now.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Here Comes The Rain Again --
2 Hold Me Tight (Celluloide Remix) --
3 Every Day (Distain Remix) --
4 Down To The Ground (Stum Remix) --
5 Life Is An Illusion (For A Space vs. Destroid Remix) --
6 You Don't Know Me (Babylonia Remix) --
7 Don't Ask Me Why (Midnight Resistance Remix) --
8 Phoenix (Dsx Remix)y Memories (Lakeside X Remix) --
9 Read In My Memories (Lakeside X Remix) --
10 Forbidden Love (Exes Remix) --
11 Please (Liquid Divine Remix) --
12 Save me (People Theatre Remix) --
13 Under My Skin (Mechanical Apfelsine Remix) --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Down To The Ground (Radio Edit) --
2 Down To The Ground (Priorshift Mix) --
3 I Welcome The Rain (feat. Richard Björklund of Spektralized) --
4 Down To The Ground (Demo Version 2007) --
5 Hold Me Tight (Single) --
6 Hold Me Tight (Club Mix by O.Wollschläger) --
7 Hold Me Tight (Blind Vision Mix) --
8 Hold Me Tight (Evvilking Mix) --
9 Life Is An Illusion (Blind Believer Mix by Dreher & SMart) --
10 Hold Me Tight (Demoversion 2007) --
11 You don't know me (Radio Edit) --
12 You don't know me (AndyK Mix) --
13 In love with an open end feat. Frank M. Spinath of Seabound --
14 In love with an open end feat. Frank M. Spinath of Seabound (Closure Mix) by Iris --

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Reviews (1)

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    M. W. Wild
    Machinalis Tarantulae
    Magik Brite
    Magnitudo 8
    Marble Slave
    Marc Heal
    Marc, Felix
    Marching Dynamics
    Marco Rochowski
    Margin of Error
    Mari Chrome
    Marilyn Manson
    Marita Schreck
    Mark Benecke
    Markus Midnight
    Marlow, Robert
    Martial Canterel
    Martin Kleid
    Mary Onettes, The
    Maschine Brennt
    Maschinenkrieger KR52
    Massiv In Mensch
    Massive Attack
    Massive Ego
    Masters Of Dark Fire
    Matt Mancid
    Matt Springfield
    Max Him
    McCarthy, Douglas J.
    Me The Tiger
    Mechanical Apfelsine
    Mechanical Cabaret
    Mechanical Moth
    Medusa's Spell
    Melted Moon
    Menschliche Energie
    Mental Discipline
    Mentallo and the Fixer
    Merciful Nuns
    Mescaline Babies, The
    Messer Brüder
    Michael Cashmore
    Michelle Darkness
    Mick Milk
    Midnight Configuration
    Midnight Resistance
    Mike Mareen
    Mikulasova, Pavla
    Mila Mar
    Militant Cheerleaders On The Mov
    Mind Driller
    Mindless Faith
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Mirko Hirsch
    Miseria Ultima
    Miss Construction
    Miss Kittin & The Hacker
    Mission Veo, The
    Mission, The
    Mist Of Avalon, The
    Mlada Fronta
    Moaan Exis
    Mob Research
    Mobile Homes, The
    Model 1
    Model Depose
    Modern Boots
    Modern Cubism
    Modern English
    Mommy Hurt My Head
    Mona Mur
    Monica Schroeder
    Mono Electronic Density
    mono inc.
    Mono No Aware
    Monstrum Sepsis
    Monty Cantsin
    Moonlight Affair
    Moonlight Cove
    Moran Magal
    Morbid Angel
    Morbus M.
    Mordant Music
    Morgue Poetry
    Mortal Void
    Morten Harket
    Morthem Vlade Art
    Mother Motor
    Moulin Noir
    Moving Units
    Mr Jones Machine
    Mr. Kitty
    MS Gentur
    Munich Syndrome
    Murder of My Sweet, The
    Murderous Mistake, The
    Murphy, Peter
    My Black Light
    My Consequence
    My God Damn Territory
    Myk Jung
    Mystery Of Dawn
    Mystic Underground, The
    MZ.412 / Maschinenzimmer 412
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