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Arian 1 - Integration (CD)

Arian 1 - Integration (CD)


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Released on: 16. September 2016

Immediately available

RAZ 024 - Weight: 95g

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For the first time Razgrom Music signed an artist from South America! ARIAN 1 (an inspired name from the French space program) one of the oldest and most famous South American electronic bands. ARIAN 1 was founded in 1992 at Lima (Peru) by brothers Cesar and Eduardo Leiva, and currently has two full-length albums, several EP’s and a lot of live shows together as the South American pionners of EBM/Industrial scene in the 90´s decade - from FRONT 242 to GOD MODULE. However, ARIAN 1 music can’t be described as pure «EBM». It is a unique mix of hi-tech future-pop, melodic techno-EBM and even progressive trance, with cold nordic tunes and intelligence sci-fi atmospheres. Some people call it “COVENANT from South America” – and this comparison seems pretty accurate.

The previous releases of ARIAN 1 were completely sold out, and "Integration" CD is a compilation of the best tracks from different releases, included songs from the latest EP «Cyro», just released in June of 2016 but only on digital platforms. All tracks include on «Integration» was remastered and some songs are presented in new versions, previously unreleased versions & remixes. Recommended to all fans of COVENANT, HEADSCAN, EDGE OF DAWN, VNV NATION, FRONT 242, NEGATIVE FORMAT, COLONY 5, and so on…"

Only 500 physical copies, each handnumbered.


No. Track Time
1 Cyro --
2 Nightmare --
3 Change --
4 Espana --
5 Come Back (Imperial Remix) --
6 Immersion --
7 Stand Up --
8 No Time --
9 Alma --
10 Wake Up --
11 Stompers (Undegr V1 Remix) --
12 Place Unknown --
13 Pure Control --
14 Sigma (The Hidden Power Remix) --
15 Detengan Ias Maquinas --
16 Nightmare (Dark Asylum Remix) --

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