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The Protagonist - A Rebours / ReRelease (CD)

The Protagonist - A Rebours / ReRelease (CD)


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Released on: 17. February 2012

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‘a rebours’, consequently an ambitious title for a music album for sure, and especially for an artist’s debut. but when cold meat industry released this in 1998, it seemed all appropriate, for it was met with high expectations, after magnus sundström (the creative spirit being the protagonist) had featured on some high profile compilations. and really, the album, was excitedly greeted and well received by the dark industrial crowd. the sheer power of the orchestral, cinematic, imaginative pieces, the obviously talented compositions are all too convincing. various guests on the (mostly spoken) vocals and playing additional instruments, mostly strings add depth and variation to the album’s tracks.

‘a rebours’, a title for a timeless classic? it has proven to be in literature, and now it does so in music: 13 years after the original release, this album seems to have matured instead of aged. a celebration of western culture, of ambition, intelligence and the power of the mind, a celebration of beauty - thanks to raubbau it is now revealed to a new generation of listeners, and to those who missed it the first time around.


No. Track Time
1 the eternal abjectness of life --
2 kämpfende pferde --
3 mutability --
4 zoroaster --
5 song of innocence --
6 the puritan --
7 imitation --
8 the end --

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