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TC75 - Tracks (CD)

TC75 - Tracks (CD)


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Released on: 03. March 2017

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RAZ 027 - Weight: 95g

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The name Tino Claus (AMNISTIA, MRDTC, NEUKAMPF) is well known to all fans of electro-industrial music. TC75 is a new and very personal project of the German musician. It is going to explore the territory of raw, cold and furious electro-industrial / EBM – the so-called "Belgian school". The loud and scratchy electronic sound of TC75 refers to the classical works of THE KLINIK, DIVE, VOMITO NEGRO, FRONT 242 and also very organically fit into the modern trend of Minimal-Electro and Coldwave (projects like PURE GROUND, UNIDENTIFED MAN, NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE e.g.).

TC75 is confirmed as support act for one of the next DIVE shows. It will be the stage debut for this project. This compilation contains almost all T R A C K S from the first three EP’s (each EP was very limited and released physically on CD-R only). You will find remixes by FULL CONTACT69, LOGIKFEHLER; TINY LITTLE LIFE FORMS, HARTUNG & SCHLEINITZ and many more.

It will be released as a limited edition of only 300 handnumbered copies!


No. Track Time
1 Impulse 1 --
2 Lies --
3 Weeping In The Dark (Reworked) --
4 Decay --
5 Shadow Walker --
6 No Way Out --
7 Dating A Dead Man --
8 Walking On Glass --
9 Getting Colder --
10 Torture --
11 Psychopath --
12 Weeping In The Dark (Full Contact69 vs. Amictric RMX) --
13 Lies (Hartung & Schleinitz RMX) --
14 Walking On Glass (Athmosphere) --
15 Weeping In The Dark (RMX By The Negativity Bias) --
16 Lies (AnalyzED[it] By Tiny Little Life Forms) --
17 Weeping In The Dark (Colder Version By Logikfehler) --
18 Lies (Direct) --

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